Roberta Hamilton speaks about her experience with Raw Food

25 Nov

Roberta Hamilton says Raw is good, but a little cooked is necessary… from Dr. Alejandro Junger on Vimeo.

I interviewed Roberta Hamilton, a legend in the Healing kingdom. She did research hand in hand with Ann Wigmore on RAw Foods, and she has a lot to say about it…

  • Padoum

    Hi my name is Dr. Pierre Vuerings who produced Ann Wigmore's original  exclusive videotapes and DVD's on  raw food and her autobiography.  Dr. hamilton features in the DVD and  wrote theprephase on my Harmony Diet book. We have been friends for 32 years and sadly to say I must annonce that Roberta has passed on Sunday at 4.30PM 
    always can be reached at

  • Nice video and also very interesting. I am so happy to see his experience with raw food. I also like to eat raw food because i know its benefits. Raw food provides me energy and i am living healthy life with eating raw food.

  • I find having a partially raw food diet really works well for me. I find it really helps my skin glow and I feel overall it gives me a great dose of vitamins and minerals. I also rebound daily and after every workout I have an all raw meal with freshly squeezed juice. It has really helped me with my weight loss.

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